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Blockbuster Films

Extra-terrestrial beings, intergalactic space flight, fictionalized re-telling of actual historical events, biological disasters that either threaten or bring human existence to a screeching halt, these are several of the most common elements and themes found in blockbuster films. But given the varying elements of blockbusters in film history, certain uncertainties give the term no exact definition. Yet, people, regardless if they are critics or ordinary viewers, are able to determine if a particular film is a blockbuster or not. Traditionally,…

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Major Shifts in Netflix Strategy

Compare Blockbuster’s and Netflix’s profit models and value proposition prior to the establishment of Blockbuster online: Blockbuster’s Value Proposition and Profit Models: • By establishing over 5000 locations to represent “70% of the U. S. population by a 10 minute drive,” Blockbuster’s value proposition is its convenience by geographic location. The physical convenience as well as established brand name made the Blockbuster experience attractive to potential movie rental customers. • Their profit models were based highly off of their utilization…

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