Blizzard Essays

Death on the Prairies_ the Murderous Blizzard of 1888

On January 12, 1888, the weather in the west was mild, compared to previous weeks. Little did the people know that a massive cold front was in route and would be catastrophic to the people, their livestock, and the economy in the dekota and nebraska praries. The cold front would cause one of the worst blizzards for the region, killing close to 500 people. The factors that made the death toll so high involve the mild weather before the storm,…

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The Great Blizzard

1. Why does Laskin state that the horrible blizzard of 1888 “hit the most thickly settled sections of Nebraska and Dakota Territory at the worse possible moment”? Describe the dramatic change in temperatures that accompanied this storm. Why were the humble people of this raw region of the prairie prone to take risks, even in the face of devastating blizzard? 2. In the post-Civil War years, what factors encourage the stampede of settler into America’s heartland, which earlier had been…

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