Beverage Essays

Mountain Man Brewing Company Case Study Solutions

Radico Khaitan’s young and enthusiastic sales force services retail outlets across the country, understanding requirements and fulfilling them, thereby developing enduring relationships. The Sales team comprises professionals with vast domain expertise, years of experience in the liquor industry and a deep understanding of varied markets. Support Services The MIS & IT Department leverages technology to help Radico Khaitan gain a competitive edge. Radico Khaitan was among the first companies in the liquor industry to implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), using…

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Coca Cola Marketing Strategies

1.1¬†Marketing management Marketing is about meeting needs of target markets profitably. The key to professional marketing is to understand their customers’ real needs and meet them better than any competitor can. 1.1:DEFINITION OF MARKETING : Marketing is a social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and values with others. (Philip Kotler) Marketing is the analysis, planning, implementation, and control of carefully formulated programs designed to bring about voluntary exchanges…

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Opening a Restaurant

What should I know before ¬†opening a restaurant? Since your first priorities will be to the building your business will be located in, and to the supplying of your restaurant, you need to work closely with your contractor to ensure he or she fully understands the operation of your establishment and has fulfilled your needs in return. This includes, among other things, assurance that you have received all the licenses pertaining to your area and knowledge that you have applied…

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