Arrest Essays

Group Behavior and Processes

GROUP BEHAVIOR AND PROCESSES Group behavior and processes in this paper is about a problem with a new low income government housing development and the illegal activities that have impacted the community in making the neighborhood unsafe. The author of this paper sees not only the different illegal groups behaviors as the problem in this scenario but also the behavior group that is supposed to be in charge of this low income government housing development as the problem also. This…

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Judicial Precedent

The material facts of the case: The Metropolitan Police received a request from the German authorities for the issuance of a warrant for Mr.Rottman’s extradition, a German business man, who was alleged of committing an offence of conspiracy to defraud in his indigenous country. Bow street magistrates’ court issued a provisional arrest warrant under s8(1)(b) of the Extradition Act 1989. Mr. Rottman was arrested in the driveway of the house, a few yard from the front door. Soon after his…

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Angelique and the Burning of Montreal

The day was April 10th 1734 and Montreal was on fire. Undoubtedly back then, Montreal was a very different place than it is today; it was a trade and military town of about 2000 people. Canada would still have 100 years before she became a nation and it was a time when Montreal’s social class mirrored that of its indigenous home France. Slavery was very much a part of everyday society and many citizens had slaves of African and Amerindian…

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