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Weak Arguments Against Strong Encryption

Deborah Pierce’s article, Weak Arguments Against Strong Encryption discusses the arguments against the banning of strong encryption or allowing the building of back doors to access encryptions. She defined encryption as “the math and technology that allows a message to be scrambled to make it unreadable except by the intended recipient” (Pierce) As she claimed, encryption has found many very valuable uses and contributions in different aspects of life and work such as in ATM transactions and in the transfer…

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Evaluating Truth and Validity

Truth and validity are two different concepts which should not be confused, although they are usually taken as synonyms in common language. In logic, it is said that the argument is valid when the conclusion follows deductively from the premises. While of the premises and the conclusion is that they are true or false, the arguments are said to be valid or invalid. The validity or invalidity of the argument does not depend on its conclusion to be true. According…

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Rationalist and Empiricist Philosophies_ Arguments by Hume and Kant

Immanuel Kant deduced the harmony between rationalism and empiricism. His form of philosophy is sometimes called “Copernican revolution of philosophy” emphasize its novelty and importance associated. But after Kant, there could be no discussion of reality or knowledge without any rational awareness about the role of the human mind that constructs reality and knowledge. ┬áIn the end, it was the termination of the age old debate between rationalists and empiricists and finally it was the epistemology which went in a…

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