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Greek Mythology and Hera

Hera In Greek Mythology, there are many different gods and goddesses but only one Hera. Hera is known for being the queen of all the Greek gods and being the main wife of Zeus, who is king of all the gods. Hera was goddess of childbirth and marriage. Known for many different things, Hera is considered the most jealous and quarrelsome goddess in all mythology. There are many stories about Hera punishing women involved with Zeus and kids of Zeus…

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What Makes God Godlike Analysis

In the essay “What makes God Godlike” by Jack Miles, a former Jesuit Priest, Miles strongly argues that God’s dynamic relationship with humanity is the context for God’s own self-discovery in his personality and his desires. He traces God’s personality development showing how God moves from action to action, and how at almost every interpretive moment, Miles emphasizes the difference of God from other characters in history and other stories. Miles uses many literary examples to illustrate his point and…

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