Apocalypse Essays

By the Waters of Babylon_ Avoiding Apocalypse

The story “By the Waters of Babylon” takes place in both a tribe in a forests and later the remains of what we know was New York. As John, a son of a priest, makes his journey to his limit, he decides to go farther and reach the city of the god to understand more about them. Upon reaching his destination, he finds out that the “gods” were men and were all dead in the debris of their own city….

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Dark Were the Tunnels

A Change in Humanity George R. R. Martin’s short story, “Dark, Dark Were The Tunnels,” is one of the pieces included in John Joseph Adams compilation of apocalyptic short stories titled Wastelands: stories of the apocalypse. This story is not a traditional story of the apocalypse; it is not about humanity’s struggle to survive immediately after an apocalyptic event, in a changed environment. Nor is it a story about how humans are affected emotionally and struggle to live day to…

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