Analytical Essays

Analytical Hierarchy Process

Decision-making is human activity whereby value judgments regarding the attractiveness of preferences play a major role. There are various ways through which an organization can supplement and improve decision analysis; however, the incorporation of human decisions with technology through the design and utilization multi criteria decision analysis (MCDA) contributes towards the success of an organization to a great extent. This essay provides a detailed analysis and evaluation of the multi criteria decision analysis as applied in logistics and supply chain…

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National Youth Gang

In the past few years, the growing number of gangs and gang related violence or incidents led to several researches, studies, and surveys conducted and published since 1995. All of the studies concluded that there is a significant association between the involvements of the youths of a certain community to gangs and gang related violence. It seems that the gangs have a strong effect and influence among the youths. Reports and studies show that the prevalence of gangs inside schools…

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