Agnes Von Kurowsky Essays

The Inevitabilty of Death in a Farewell to Arms

This passage, in A Farewell to Arms, is located near the end of the novel when Frederic Henry just finds out about the death of his son and assumes that Catherine will also die. Henry’s anecdote about the ants burning on the log is a defining moment in the novel, because it serves as an analogy to the central theme of the novel: the inevitability of death. Ernest Hemingway portrays the idea that death is inescapable by using the war,…

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A Farewell to Arms_ a Classic Display of Literature

Ernest Hemmingway’s ” A Farewell To Arms” is a classic display of literature. The way he develops his characters is ingenious. In the beginning of the story I did not like the way it was going. As I read deeper into the book, “A Farewell To Arms” I discovered the complexity of the characters themselves. I discovered that Frederic Henry was a rather complex character as well. When you are finally given the full picture of Frederic Henry, you realize…

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Ernest Hemingway_ a Farewell to Arms

In the novel A Farewell to Arms, by Ernest Hemingway, the audience is granted a historical and geographical background of World War I. Throughout the novel, references are made to the people, places and the government that Hemingway assumes his audience will recognize. The novel is broken down into five books: exposing us to warfare and the turmoil left in its’ wake, love, hatred, betrayal and murder. Being a veteran of the Armed Forces of the United States, I was…

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