Advanced Essays

Future of Professional Nursing Development_ Impact of the Institute of Medicine Report

Future of Professional Nursing Development: Impact of the Institute of Medicine Report Future of nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health (2010) is a report issued by the Instituted of Medicine, which “calls on nurses to take a greater role in America’s increasingly complex health care system” (American Nurses Association [ANA], n.d., para. 1). It gives an in-depth look into the future of the profession, while addressing four key messages, the first three of which are directly related to the nursing practice,…

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Integrating Scholarship and Practice with Confidence

Marcus Garvey once said, “with confidence you have won before you have started.” Confidence is an important concept of interest to me when developing a plan to integrate scholarship and practice. It is necessary to first understand the concept at hand by way of definition and research. After extensive dissection of the concept of confidence, a plan of action to incorporate scholarship and nursing practice by way of confidence is needed. This plan is designed by looking at the importance…

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The Advanced Biochemistry

The authors described different activities including (1) a seminar/poster system in a mini-congress format using topics of applied biochemistry; (2) a true/false applied biochemistry exam written by peer tutors; (3) a nine-hour exam on metabolism based on real publications; (4) the Advanced Biochemistry course directed to peer tutors; (5) experiments about nutrition and metabolism and free radicals; (6) the BioBio blog; (7) student lectures on public health issues and metabolic disorders; and (8) the BioBio quiz show. Se et al….

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