Adjective Essays

Noughts and Crosses

How does Malorie Blackman create a vivid picture of the bomb and its aftermath in this passage? A shocked atmosphere concludes this chapter with a bombing of Dundale shopping centre in the book noughts and crosses, Malorie Blackman makes the aftermath and bombing of the Dundale shopping centre very vivid for the reader by using very interesting and useful word and phases. Firstly, Malorie Blackman uses many ominous hints and foreshadowing to create a vivid picture of what was about…

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Parts of Speech

When the idea of the traditional eight parts of speech comes to mind, flashbacks to sitting in the back row of my middle school English language class flourish through my brain. I don’t remember too much about them today, however I do know that it was drilled into my brain until we could fully understand and use them all. The eight parts of speech: such a key component of language, yet such a complicated piece of my learning career. Out…

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