Action Potential Essays

Badfish Anatphys Neurotoxin

1. To present the doctor’s notes portion of the case with a description of the following terms or concepts: Diaphoresis- is the medical term for profuse sweating or perspiring. The skin’s sweat glands sweat to aid in fever management. When your body temp rises you autonomic nervous system causes you eccrine glands to secrete fluid onto the surface of the skin where it cools as it evaporates. Motor dysfunction_ All motor dysfunction means is abnormality in the use of the…

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Action Potential and Receptor Olfactory Receptor

You scored 100% by answering 4 out of 4 questions correctly. 1. A very intense stimulus can sometimes stimulate sensory neurons that have evolved for a different modality. Thus, with a blow to the eye, one “sees stars. ” In this example the photoreceptors in the eye are responding to You correctly answered: c. intense pressure. 2. Olfactory receptor neurons respond to low concentrations of chemical odorants because there are membrane proteins in the receptor ending of this sensory neuron…

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