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The Study of Design Research Methodology

Abstract Studies on design research methodology are infrequent, although there is a consensus that more e ort is needed for improving design research quality. Previous calls for exercising better research methodology have been unsuccessful. As numerous studies reveal, there is no single scienti c methodology that is exercised in science or in any other research practice. Rather, research methodologies are socially constructed. Since some constructions are better than others for di erent purposes, it becomes valuable to study di erent…

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A Critique of the Literature

Nurses are expected to deliver high quality care with the latest techniques and information available. In order to do this nurses are required to actively participate to nursing research and critique them. Nursing research has increased greatly in the past three decades exposing nurses to latest knowledge, to provide quality care to the patients (Polit & Beck, 2004). Further more, to provide evidence based practice, nurses must be able to assess and critique research to evaluate and to judge whether…

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