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Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton

Jefferson and Hamilton’s ideas and ideals differ about economics. The Jefferson and Hamilton debate changed a nation in the early stages of development. Hamilton’s economic plan for the nation included establishing a national bank like that in England to maintain public credit. All of Hamilton’s arguments would strengthen the federal government’s power at the expense of the states. Jefferson and his political party opposed these reforms. Jefferson feared that the bank of the United States represented too much English influence…

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Document Based Document; Federalists and Anti Federalists

The different biased policies of which Federalists believed in interpreting the Constitution broadly, while Jeffersonian Republicans (Anti-Feds) believed it should be interpreted strictly, continued through the presidencies of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. However, throughout both of their terms, both parties eventually “switched” their ideals, and followed the other party’s belief. “Our country is too large to have all its affairs directed by a singled government” (Doc. A) is a letter from Jefferson to Granger, then the complete opposite is…

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Jefferson Vs. Hamilton

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were two very influential people with very different ideals. With land inherited from his father, Jefferson set himself up as a Virginia tobacco farmer. Once established as a planter, Jefferson entered Virginia politics. As a politician, he did not have the ability to make rousing speeches. Instead, Jefferson spoke eloquently through his writing. His words in the Declaration of Independence and other writings are still admired today. Since Hamilton had no money or family connections…

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