Illegal Immigration Essay

Since the United States was founded, people have been interested in migrating here; people would either come to the United States legally or illegally. The purpose of coming to this country was to search for a better life; all these people wanted to get a job so they could make their family and themselves happy. At the beginning, Americans had no problem with these people coming into the United States, but these last few years, the rate at which illegal immigrants come to the U. S. has increased tremendously and now there are many illegal workers living here.

Americans think that these people are a negative influence for the U. S. , and they think that these illegal immigrants should be send back to their native country. The United States government should legalize illegal workers living here so that this country keeps industrializing. A minority of Americans believe that illegal immigrant workers are a bad influence on the United States. Most Republicans think that illegal immigrants are damaging the image of the U. S. ; Many Republicans think that illegal residents are unintelligent people that just come here to make everyone’s lives more complicated.

Many people think that immigrants are only here because they want to take other people’s jobs and money but it is also very important to know that these people are only taking the jobs that Americans don’t want to do, jobs that Americans think are not good enough for them so actually illegal immigrants are not taking anything from the American Citizens. The past few years citizens of United States have been exposed to many situations that have showed them that illegal immigrants are responsible for acts of terrorism.

For instance, the September 11th terrorist attacks; but just because a group of people commit such awful acts it does not mean that every illegal immigrant is going to turn out to be a terrorist. Americans should still respect them and give them the opportunity to become U. S. citizens or residents. Illegal immigrant workers are a very important factor in the economic, social, and architectural development of the United States. “These illegal immigrant workers do more than the 40 percent of the total U. S. force jobs … from 2008 to 2010, 1. 1 million new migrants ho have entered America since 2008 landed jobs” (Stoddard).

Most of them are farmers, the rest work in landscaping, construction, and all those things that keep our country going. These jobs might seem insignificant to most of us but without these people our economy wouldn’t be the same and the U. S. wouldn’t have much power in the world. The question now is, what if we stop illegal immigration? Bill Moncovich, a strawberry farm owner, explains that “If the borders are closed and we don’t have labor, we’re out of business…we need them more than we need tractors” (Koshinski).

So if these illegal immigrants go away our economy would decrease, everything would be more expensive because there would be no one to do all these jobs. “Half the crop won’t be harvested … because about half of the migrant farm workers we expected this year – didn’t come” (Jerry Dobbins qtd in Koshinski). Also, if there are no illegal immigrants, there would be no one to build houses, schools or hospitals thus slowing down modernization. Another reason why illegal immigrant workers are so important is because they make American lives easier and better.

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Without illegal immigrant workers there will be no one to pick our fruits and vegetables; they are the only ones who will do these jobs. We would starve to death, and food prices would go up, affecting us all. Also, most housekeepers and babysitters in the U. S. are illegal immigrants; these ladies take care of our houses, our younger siblings and probably even took care of us. They make our lives easier and better by doing things we wouldn’t want to do.

Farm workers in particular argue that Americans would not do the tough field work” (Kosinski), so without illegal immigrants we wouldn’t be as happy as we are now. Some states in the U. S. know the importance of these people in our country; that’s why they have made efforts to help them. In Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington, illegal immigrants can obtain a driver’s license. Edward Acevedo, democratic member of the Illinois House of Representatives says that “Immigrants can drive to church, to work, and take their children to school legally and without fear”.

By doing allowing illegal immigrants to have a license they contribute more to the U. S. and allows them to drive with more confidence that they won’t be stopped and asked for their license ,and then be deported for not having it. In conclusion, the government should legalize immigrant workers living in the U. S. because without them our economy would suffer drastically, food prices and taxes would go up, and our environment, society and everyday life wouldn’t be as enjoyable as it is now.

So we need the people who are already working here to be legalized so they can help us and our country. They should also have the same rights as everyone in this country; they should not be discriminated against and yes they should pay fines and taxes – which they already do. They should be treated the same. Helping immigrants doesn’t mean that we would have our borders wide open; we still need strict regulations so the government just needs to legalize illegal workers who are currently in the United States. They are the past, present, and future of our Nation.

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Illegal Immigration Essay

One of the reasons of implementing the US immigration policy is to control and protect America’s national borders. The US border patrol controls and protects international state lines in the effort to arrest any individuals making attempts to enter the US illegally. Illegal immigration attempts are predominant on the border between the US and Mexico. In the past 20 years, economic recession in Mexico has contributed to increase illegal entries or attempts to the same by the Mexicans.

Consequently, political sensitivity about illegal immigration that has been brought by Mexico’s poor economic performance has made the US government to dramatically improve the efforts aimed at increasing security at the US- Mexico border. Most illegal immigrants are seen to move from Mexican border cities to US Border States as their final destination.

According to Hanson, Robertson and Spilimbergo, border patrol officers have had to spend more hours policing the Mexican border with an increase of up to 5. million hours in 1997 from 1. 8 million hours in 1977 (2002). Border regions are mostly affected by situations caused by illegal immigration. For example, illegal immigration has the likelihood of affecting border markets. Such markets include Southern California, Mexican cities on the US-Mexico borders and South Western Texas (Hanson, Robertson and Spilimbergo, 2002). Illegal immigration has both negative and positive results to the socio-economic status of the US. Effects of Illegal Immigration

Hanson, Robertson and Spilimbergo claim that immigration leads to the reduction of wages of US workers. The rise in immigration cases has resulted in low skilled immigrants and low skilled US workers competing for jobs. Moreover, immigrants are ready to take up any jobs leaving the low skilled US workers to settle for the remaining jobs (Hanson, Robertson and Spilimbergo, 2002). Findings by Hanson, Robertson and Spilimbergo indicate that border enforcement deters illegal immigrants whose entry has impacts on the labor markets in the US border areas.

According to these findings, border regions can minimize illegal immigration without necessarily changing the native wages or even moving the natives from border regions or discouraging them to move to the border areas (Hanson, Robertson and Spilimbergo, 2002). Border economies may also be forced to shift to industries that are dependent on the skills of arriving immigrants so that low skilled labor can be secured for both US natives and immigrants (2002). Illegal immigrants are seen to add to the problem of public health that is already an issue that needs attention and review in the US.

Attention is focused on the recent developments that allow immigrants to use public programs such as heath insurance. As per the 2000 census, 1 in every 5 children is an immigrant family member in the largely dispersed immigrant families in America. The immigration statuses of parents and children may also differ with up to 10% of immigrant children living in families of mixed status hence creating complexity. There are non-citizen parents who live with citizen children as their main caregivers.

The citizen children may be denied health insurance due to their parents’ citizenship and this may affect the health of both parents and children despite them being Americans (Paiti and Danagoulian, 2008). It is important to note that poor health of immigrants’ children will eventually have a significant effect on the socio-economic future of every American. According to Paiti and Danagoulian, foreign born children in the US do not depend on public health insurance schemes compared to those born in the US despite the reverse of the rule on public charge.

The increased likelihood of foreign born children to be uninsured, to live in poverty and to have parents who have less than high school formal education is a contributing factor to the poor living conditions. The parents’ poor economic abilities create future projections of low abilities of immigrant children to be economically productive members of the labor force in America (Paiti & Danagoulian, 2008). Today, USA claims that about 7 million illegal immigrants do not have medical insurance due to legal restrictions. In addition, 366,000 of the immigrants buy insurance policies from private companies.

A publication on USA today named “Everyone Benefits if Illegal Immigrants are insured” claimed that just as in automobile insurance, the US public would benefit from premiums paid by illegal immigrants by collecting the surplus using it to provide better health care to the US citizens (USA Today, 2009). Illegal immigration is wrong and it should be stopped, but in the meantime, the country should benefit from having illegal aliens around before inventing ways of stopping the practice in order to create a win-win in the situation.

In addition to border patrols and the deportation of captured aliens, the introduction of an Immigration and Control Act in 1986 helped in controlling illegal immigration (Pearce and Hill, 1990). According to Pearce & Hill, “immigration law will reduce employment of illegal aliens in some parts of the economy but not in others”. However, limitations in the US budget will force authorities “to focus their enforcement efforts on industries with a large concentration of illegals at an individual business establishment” (1990, pp. 43). Prior to the act, employers hired illegal immigrants knowingly as they would face no penalty.

Since this law, there has been a registered decline in border crossings in most entry points and more illegal immigrants finding it hard to get jobs. Although the reform process is done by high skilled professionals, sanctions will improve the standard of living of low skill laborers even though to a small extent. Pearce and Hill suggest that substantial improvement in the real wages of legal and less skilled laborers will occur if sanctions are fully executed. In addition, legal and illegal low skill labor should be subject to substitution.

The law must also be accurately applied to achieve benefits of sanctions (Pearce & Hill, 1990). The Economist reports that critics fear the influx of Hispanic immigrants, who enter the US illegally, take up jobs and move into different parts of the country, are able to create two nations (2005). The illegal Latino immigrants take up common jobs in construction, distribution and food industry that is well needed for economic growth of the cities they occupy. Immigrants are seen to be assimilated into the US by almost becoming like everyone else in the US.

They now become citizens, pay taxes, enlist in the army, participate in politics and even speak English (The Economist, 2005). Despite fears of critiques of the negative effects of immigration, positive outcomes have also been observed from the same which is an important input to America. Conclusion Immigrants to the US have been seen to continue gaining access illegally despite the introduction of more sophisticated patrols at entry points. The introduction of labor laws that protect legal workforce in the US continues to protect low skilled laborers.

However, better laws ought to be formulated to ensure that workers do not receive wages that are beneath their ability to sustain a comfortable life. In addition, illegal immigrant families should be assisted to take care of their offspring who are American citizens by acquiring medical insurance and other facilities as it has proven to be beneficial to the American populace. Socio-economic benefits accrued from the inclusion of immigrants in the social programs of America should also be observed as a positive contribution to the society.The United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, where opportunities were vast, and people migrated in seek of a greater life; however, the American way of living has since then become obsolete and in it’s stead a country facing extreme fiscal burden due to a high influx of illegal immigration which has a resulted in a dramatic tax increase for the American people, a decrease in the quality of life and job availability, and the overall state of America and the economy. Furthermore, a nation penetrated every year by some 300,000 illegal aliens…is not a nation experiencing ‘immigration’, but rather, a nation experiencing an invasion. For centuries, our nation has been a safe haven for people of different cultures and nationalities to inhabit. However, that which we have prided ourselves in, will ultimately contribute to our greater downfall; for the negative effect illegal aliens are having on the U.S economy and society, is so great, it will eventually surpass and reach the point beyond resuscitation.

As stated above, many as a safe haven have considered the United States, thereby, resulting ongoing struggle of people fighting their way into the country for decades. However, as the decades pass, the issue continue to rapidly escalate in gravity. With the United States border being so close to Mexico it is now seeing the highest population of illegal immigrants to date. The rising population is due to the lack of jobs in their country, poor pay and ill work environments. However, it has become the issue which it currently is due to the US having problems with high taxes, steep insurance costs and new laws. Even though the United States is a free country, immigration has changed over the years because of an increase in illegal immigrants, stricter laws and harsher penalties. In the last few decades the United States has had to increase the taxes for their American citizens due to the increase in the illegal immigrant population.

“Even with the national government pouring billions of dollars into the education of LEP students, state and local taxes provide the lion’s share of the funding needed to hire bilingual teachers, purchase non-English textbooks and instructional resources, and hire other professionals or paraprofessionals who can communicate with non-English speaking parents.” Education is where a major portion of money goes to help illegal immigrants learn to speak English. “Local taxpayers continue to expend more money to support education; and in communities that serve high numbers of illegal immigrants, such taxpayers will have to provide even more money to public school districts. Universities have been petitioned by local education agencies to prepare more educators to work with LEP students, so additional funding for research and curriculum development will be required at the university level.”

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Many illegal immigration sympathizers attempt to portray illegal immigration as a victimless crime, when in actuality, not only do they willfully and knowingly cross the border, but the act also causes substantial harm to American citizens and legal immigrations- more specifically, those which reside in the more vulnerable and impoverished areas of our population. They not only cause an enormous drain of public funds, but in addition, as proven by the National Academy of Sciences, the taxes they seldom pay do not even partially cover the cost of services they receive. Of which include, education, health care, and other services intended for legal Americans. More so, they entering into the country has severely affected job availability for minority workers and those without high school degrees in America. Furthermore, illegal aliens pose a great threat to national security seeing as by it creates greater opportunities for terrorist to attempt to blend in within those crossing the border. However even though, this is a small issue in the overall greater problem which is illegal immigration, the main issue truly resonates in the deep negative effect they are having our economy and quality of life. As stated in the article, “Do Illegal Immigrants Actually Hurt the U.S Economy” from the New York Times, the author described the story of Pedro Chan, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala who crossed the border in hopes of “a better life in America”.

He explained how said illegal alien earns up to $25,000 a year working as a handy man, but furthermore, claimed that these illegal immigrants despite the money they send to their native countries, in fact spend most of their earnings here in America, therefore, allowing the money to circulate within our economy. The author even stated that as all economists, of all political persuasion, have proven that illegal immigrants –regardless of their legal or illegal standing- benefit the overall economy. When in actuality, the fiscal burden that caused by illegal aliens on U.s Taxpayers is estimated at the federal, state, and local level to be about $113 billion; nearly $29 billion at the federal level and $84 billion at the state and local level. Furthermore, the annual outlay that illegal aliens cost U.S taxpayers is an average amount per native household of $1,117. More so, this number varies greatly depending on the size of illegal alien population in that locality. However, education for illegal aliens undoubtedly constitutes the single largest cost to taxpayers, with an annual price tag of nearly $52 billion. Even though, at a federal level, about one-third of outlays are set to par by tax collections from illegal aliens, at a the state and local level, an average of less than five percent of public costs associated with illegal immigration is recouped through illegal alien tax collections. For the truth of the matter is, the majority of illegal aliens do not pay income taxes, and the few who do, are refunded the revenues collected through tax returns, in addition to claiming tax credits which results from payments from the U.S treasury.

With many states, such as California and New York, facing state budgets being in deficit, policymakers are desperately seeking way to reduce the fiscal burden of illegal immigration. With California’s budget deficit being $14.4 billion in 2010-2011, with an estimated $21.8 billion in annual expenditures on illegal aliens, and New York with $6.8 billion deficit and nearly $9.5 billion in yearly illegal alien costs. While these statistics were gathered from the fiscal year of 2010-2011, the profound negative effect of illegal immigration continues to escalate and further accentuate the already enormous fiscal burden it has placed on the American people. Furthermore, if amnesty for the illegal alien population were fully implemented, while tax collections from illegal aliens would marginally increase, the new legal status would make them eligible for receiving Social Security retirement benefits, in addition to numerous social assistance programs for low-income populations. The result of this would ultimately be catastrophic and result in the fiscal burden to increase 10fold.

As shown by Federal Expenditures on Illegal Aliens chart, they American government divides Illegal Alien expenditures by: education, medical, law enforcement, public assistance and general expenditures. In 2010-2011, the education subtotal was that of $2,107,800,000; medical was $5,949,900,000; law enforcement, $7,838,700,000; public assistance being $4,564,600,000; and general expenditures at $8,184,400,000. Thereby, bringing the grand total of illegal alien expenditures to $28,645,400,000. While this number represents the grand total of 2010-2011, it is a clear indicator of the negative impact they are having on our economy, in addition to playing a vital role in the impeding of the economic resuscitation. Furthermore, the most part, is that said persons who are negatively impacting our country in actuality should not even be in the position to create such casualties, seeing as they should not reside in the country to begin with.

For many, such as Vice President Joe R. Biden, feel that illegal immigrants are as part of the American country and culture as the American Revolution. However, despite Mr. Biden’s ostensible statement to the U.S Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, “you know, 11 million people live in the shadows. I believe they’re already American citizens. These people are just waiting, waiting for a chance to contribute fully. And by that standard, 11 million undocumented aliens are already Americans, in my view.” Well, much like the Vice President’s previous statements, this was also a near nonsensical and politically befuddling statement. For even though Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, has said illegal aliens should be referred to as undocumented workers, in actuality they are neither the former nor the latter. Illegal Aliens, as defined by the IRS, is an individual who is not a U.S citizen or U.S national, and violates our nation’s laws by unlawfully crossing U.S borders. Thereby, such illegal entry is a misdemeanor, and, if repeated post initial deportation, become punishable as a felony. Therefore, if their entering of the country is a crime, thereby, making them criminals, why should 1.) Illegal alien amnesty considered an option and 2.) They be referred to as undocumented workers, let alone “Americans”. The harsh truth being, they are not Americans, in any sense, they are illegal aliens, who have willfully illegally crossed U.S borders, and are now causing unrectifiable damages.

Although Border Patrol plays a crucial role in the ongoing war against illegal immigration, this issue cannot be controlled solely at the border; drastic measures by the United States government and more importantly Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) must be taken to bring this epidemic to a halt. Those, which overstay their visa, in addition to the EWI’s who pass by Border Patrol unscathed, must be identified and immediately removed by interior immigration inspectors of ICE, and deported to their country of origin. Unfortunately, ICE currently is constrained from detaining and deporting any illegal aliens that do not possess criminal convictions or pose as a threat to national security. The main issue with this, is since the topic of illegal immigration is associated with morality and treatment towards humanity, people often forget or choose to stay blind towards the fact that all those which illegally enter the borders of a country are by default criminals. Therefore, if they knowingly, and willingly, entered the country illegally, they should have to face the repercussions of their actions.

The only way to bring about the termination of this grand influx of illegal immigration is to make a united and conscious effort to bring about its demise; that which requires ensuring illegal aliens do not obtain any form of public assistance benefits, public education, public housing, employment, or any other form of taxpayer-funded benefit without detection. Furthermore, focusing on the three major components of immigration control, which are: deterrence, a theory that criminal laws are passed with well-defined punishments to discourage individual criminal defendants from becoming repeat offenders and to discourage others in society from engaging in similar criminal activity; apprehension, the seizure and arrest of a person who is suspected of having committed a crime; and removal, the transfer of a person or thing from one place to another or the transfer of a case from one court to another. In this sense, removal generally refers to a transfer from a court in one jurisdiction to a court in another, whereas a change of venue may be granted simply to move a case to another location within the same jurisdiction. The country must unite, and demand Congress and the Executive Branch to strengthen these three components and reestablish their focus

American people, not illegal aliens, as their main focus point- for our government is meant to govern “by the people, for the people” (i.e. American citizens).

In order to effectively control illegal immigration, it requires a balanced approach with a myriad of enforcement improvements that extend far beyond the border; including: procedural reforms, an increase in investigation capacity, asylum reforms, document improvements, limitations on judicial review, improved intelligence capacity and state/federal cooperation, and major reforms in detention and deportation procedures. Even though the cost of these extensive reformations that will result in effective control and management of the laws against illegal immigration are high, it ultimately will cost the US government, economy, and people, far less than allowing illegal immigration to run rampant. In conclusion, it appears that the debate over the future stance over illegal aliens has been brought to two options: pursuing a strategy that discourages future illegal immigration and increasingly diminishes the current illegal alien population through denial of job opportunities and deportations, or the more probable and highly detrimental, to adopt an amnesty that further invites continued illegal immigration. The America that our predecessors once knew has become obsolete, and merely a figment of our imaginations. The once great empire that we were, ceases to be, as we have been stricken by a myriad of things, and of those being illegal immigration; of which has been a great problem of ours for decades, more so greatly due to the 1986 amnesty which resulted in a further escalation in the fiscal burden they cause. Furthermore, if the 2014 amnesty of illegal aliens is passed, then the fate of this once great country has been sealed, seeing as it will only result in a higher influx of illegal aliens crossing the border- an event which will greatly contribute to the demise of the once “American Empire”.

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With a vision of more secure borders, there are those who see illegal immigration completely unacceptable. This side argues that Illegal immigrants be given no status in the United States. Those who share this point of view often times share similar reasons as well. Many middle class jobs, available to legal United States citizens, are being swept up by illegals. Illegal immigrants are using falsified documents to gain access to such jobs. It’s not fair that legal citizens who are looking for jobs face competition against illegal immigrants. Their use of fake social security numbers to authenticate documents causes issues to tax brackets and government assistance programs. Government assistance, only intended for use by citizens in need, is being utilized by illegal immigrants. As well as wanting to keep government agencies from being utilized by wrong parties, safety is a strong reason for wanting more secure borders. With thousands of immigrants making the attempt into the United States daily, it is impossible to filter out violent offenders and other criminals from non- criminals. This is what scares many American citizens into wanting completely shut borders. You just don’t know who is entering the U.S. Without the ability to screen everyone who enters the U.S., and regulate the number of immigrants entering the U.S., this side will continue to vote for closed borders.

On the contrary though, commonly in tune with ideals that our nation was founded by immigrants, there are those who see reform is necessary for the United States. America has been known as the land of opportunity for centuries. Why not allow everyone a chance to prosper? Immigrants bring and have brought new ideas to our country for centuries. Every day they form a functioning part of our society as well as economy. Although some view it wrong for illegal aliens to receive government assistance, they contribute to taxes as well. With dreams of bettering one’s life, immigrants usually come to the U.S. with strong work ethics and hopes to prosper. Blamed for the shortages in jobs, Illegal immigrants seem to fill the holes in society that legal citizens haven’t already filled. With them they bring values of their own cultures. This helps distill more values of culture into our own. Creating a more diverse country can help everyone feel more like they fit in. Illegal immigrants, with dreams of citizenship in the U.S., should be given the chance. Reform in our government should allow more eligibility for those trying to gain citizenship. Opportunity should be accessible to everyone.

With illegal immigration often debated by those with strict agendas, it is easy to see certain points of view are missed. Noted historically as “one big melting pot”, The United States was originally founded by immigrants. Most “Americans” today are descendants of immigrants who came to the U.S. hoping to find opportunity, the same as immigrants today. The United States should honor that many illegal immigrants see it as the land of opportunity. Citizenship here should not be a dream held out of reach for so many. Immigrants bring diversity to new nations. Government reforms concerning both sides can be made. Changes that not only allow more opportunity to those looking in, but strengthen and secure our border’s as well. Consideration from both sides of the debate is necessary in trying to find solutions to the immigration problems our nation faces today.

Debate over whether our borders be accessible or left shut will continue as long as people try to cross them. There will always be those radically opposed to immigration as will there always be those for it. With chances slim of immigration into the U.S. slowing down, parties will have to form necessary common grounds in order to preserve the integrity of our nation. Security for the U.S. will always be the main factor in how our reform pans out. It should never be forgotten though that this is the land of opportunity, built by those who came by boat. Only views of equality can fix the issues tying up our immigration reform.

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    Immigrating actually means the act of non-native people moving to a new place to settle there, but illegal immigration is the act of living in a country without the country government permission and Lack of documentation is what makes illegal immigration illegal. Immigration has been in existence for a very...