Illegal Aliens Burden Healthcare and Border Security Essay

An increasing number of people from all over the globe are migrating into America for one reason or another. This has raised alarm to the American government as it is a great burden to the healthcare system and a threat to the national security. Migrations that are legal can be beneficial to the American government while on the other hand migrations that are illegal seem to create disorders in the society (Edwards Jr. ).

Aliens are not referred as illegal because of color, race, ethnicity or even nationality, but it is immigration into a country without the qualifications to migrate in the right way. Every country has outlined guidelines that an individual or group must go through before migrating into the country. Illegal immigration has been a problem in America with illegal aliens increasingly becoming associated with the burdening of the health care system and the security of the American borders (Edwards Jr. ). The American health care system ensures that health care services offered citizens are subsidized.

The American government has been trying its best to reduce the population that is not insured but the illegal aliens that storm into the borders every now and again have been increasing the numbers each time. In the year 1998, a total of 37% aliens who had been staying in the America did not have health insurance (Edwards Jr. ). This is not fair really as many aliens get free treatments with the tax of the Americans. A reduction in insurance coverage has made most of these aliens poor as compared to the natives.

Additionally, in the education system, the illegal aliens have not been able to take their children to schools. This creates more problems as lack of education results to increased criminals hence threatening border and general security. The illegal aliens have been a great problem to deal with as they have really cost the health system of the Americans. It is clear that hospitals and other medical facilities cannot run well without financial aid. This financing is expected to come from the citizens who pay taxes and have got insurance on their health.

On the other hand, one cannot see a dying patient and start asking if he or she is an alien or a native individual. A doctor would rather choose to give medication to that patient than ask whether he is an alien or an American citizen. This has led to exhaustion of the medical facilities in the American hospitals and led to even closure of some hospitals. For instance in California, 84 hospitals have been closed (Edwards Jr. ). It is a fact that the illegal aliens in the United States have really been a great burden to the government.

Apart from Illegal aliens burdening the insurance systems in America, the illegal aliens have caused border insecurity. It is clear that at one point or another, individual can commit a mistake or even a crime. Once that has been done, an individual is expected to pay damages for that crime committed (Edwards Jr. ). Aliens that are illegal are not insured and thus they are not eligible to pay for the damages they cause. What makes it worse, most of the rude people in the society are the illegal aliens who have no clue how an offence can be punished.

They go ahead and do such crimes and they walk away. This has been a burden to the insurance system of the United States of America. In terms of security, illegal aliens have really burdened the American government. To begin with, to deter more aliens from crossing the borders to gain access of the resources of the Americans, there has been a need to increase the patrol at the borders of America; this is a practice that is very costly as it includes recruiting many police security officials to watch over the people migrating into the American soil illegally.

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This was enhanced upon realization that some people cross the borders to gain access into the American soil. This has been a burden to the border patrol as they have to watch every time even during the night on any one crossing the border (Edwards Jr. ). Further still, in the prisons systems of the Americans, most of the inmates are aliens. This sends a clear signal that most of the crimes committed in USA are done by the illegal aliens that stay inside the borders of America.

Apart from the burden the illegal aliens give to the American prison systems, they have also sent a signal of the national security threat. It is stipulated that 29% of the prisoners in the state and federal prisons are aliens (Edwards Jr. ). This implies that most of the criminals that are arrested are aliens. This is a threat to the security as they try all ways to combat crime in the USA; illegal aliens keep committing those crimes. Therefore one can conclude that illegal aliens are really costing the Americans.

Law enforcement systems in America waste billions of dollars each year in the enforcing the law that is often broken by the illegal aliens. To enforce law involves the activities of the judges, lawyers and the prosecutors. These personalities demand a lot of money in one single sitting to issue a sentence to a criminal. Most of the people who need these procedures are the aliens since they do not understand the American constitution well and they end up finding themselves in the hands of criminals all the time (Edwards Jr. ).

This has posed a lot of burden to the American government as it tries to control the level of crime rates in America. Generally, the illegal aliens in the American soil have led to negative impacts in the United States and even in politics, the illegal aliens have taken part in the frauds of the voting exercises either at a fee by the American politicians or even personal willingness. It is also clear that most of the terrorist attacks in the American soil are done by the aliens that are illegally in the country (Edwards Jr. ).

Further still, most companies have often believed that the aliens offer cheap labor and have gone further in substituting the aliens with the American employees in their companies. This in the end has adverse effects on the American citizens. In conclusion, illegal aliens in the United States and the illegal migrants have really brought a lot of burden, not only to the American government, but also to the entire population of America. Despite the measure being put in place to deter more aliens from flocking into the country, there have still been a number of aliens who come into the American boundaries illegally.

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