Educational Tour Narrative Report Essay


Educational Tour gives us ideas likewise opportunities to visit prestigious agencies that may help us visualize what we are learning at school. This activity helps us develop our personality since social graces and etiquette are learned too by experience. Moreover, important to every student since it is a part of our learning process to acquire more knowledge through actual exposure to the different agencies.

Educational Tour: A Narrative.

A great way to explore and gain experience, the Junior Bankers Association had its educational tour on February 6 to 9, 2012.

Day 1: February 6, 2012

The day wherein I have to wake up early because it should be a big No for rush. Yes, we’re pretty much excited to invade Manila, so we departed Vigan City at around 6:30 in the morning. We prayed the rosary, praying for a safe trip. After the rosary, here it goes, we already started talking, laughing, picture taking and of course sleeping since it will consume a lot of time before reaching our destination.

After 5 hours of travel, we had a stopover in Pangasinan, we ate our lunch. My friends and I shared on the different meals we brought. When we’re done, we assure that the place where we ate our lunch was clean, and then travel continued.

We arrived at Garden Plaza Hotel, Paco Manila around 7:15 in the evening. When our baggages are out of the bus, we immediately headed at the conference room and there they have discussed to us the rules and regulations of their hotel. After telling the do’s and don’ts they have let us signed their visitors list and gave the room key to room leaders. I was given the responsibility to keep our room key, I was chosen by my roommates to be their leader.

After a tiring long trip, my friends and I took pictures and watched television, then we take of our uniforms on our bags as well as our clothes we’ll be using the next day and put it on the cabinet. When everything was in order, we went down stairs for dinner, the hotel prepared for our meal. Then immediately we went back to our rooms after eating to take a bath. Before going to bed we’ve entertained our room visitors for the day: Sir Lawrence and Ma’am Angela. After their visit we already go to bed and sleep.

Day 2: February 7, 2012

Since we’ve left all the things we used to do at home, one major adjustment I’ve made is to wake up early. This day I look forward to be well groomed because our destination is the Philippine Stock Exchange Tektite Building, Ortigas Center Pasig City. We took a bath, make ourselves presentable as what we always wanted, and went down at 6:00 am for our breakfast. We went back to our room after eating to have a toothbrush, make things up and be ready for our visit to the Philippine Stock Exchange. Around 7:30 when we travelled. At about 8:30 we’re already in front of the building.

We waited for their signal to go inside, while waiting, we noticed the fountain in front of the building, it was awesome. When they have given us the signal to go, we entered. The first thing I noticed was the large board with 3 different colors of light on it, and numbers blinking. They lectured while we are sitting on their clean carpet. My curiosity about the large board disappeared when I’ve known that it is the E-Board (Electronic Board) and that their transactions have already started since it’s already 9:30 in the morning.

Two young men and one woman shared their time to us to know more about Philippine Stock Exchange. The woman discussed to us the history of Philippine Stock Exchange, while the two young men shared their knowledge about stock market, stock exchange, the different types of stock, when to invest and how to invest. I can say that at about 2 ½ hours of listening to them, I’ve already learned. After the lecture, we took a lot of pictures. We even had the opportunity to take picture with the girl speaker. She’s kind and sweet.

Then we leave Philippine Stock Exchange.

It was already 12:00 noon when we leave Philippine Stock Exchange building, so right after entering the bus, when our lunch has already prepared, we then ate. Honestly, I didn’t enjoy th food, because it was a bit salty. Then after an hour, we departed Philippine Stock Exchange and went to our next destination, Securities and Exchange Commission.

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At Securities and Exchange Commision, we used the elevator since their lecture room was at the 10th floor of their building. Some of my classmates got dizzy using the elevator. Their lecture room couldn’t accommodate us all, so they have divided us into 2 groups, the FM 3A and 3C were the first to have the lecture. The lecture room was too cold which maybe one of the reason why I couldn’t give my full attention to the first speaker.

But still I have learned something, the company registration, the CA 83 which created Securities and Exchange Commission and on November 11, 1936 their operations have already started, their core functions and the law of SEC. During the discussion of Atty. Marlon Facun, the boredom have risen maybe because his voice couldn’t encourage me that much to listen. But still I have learned from him, I’ve known what are the classes of corporation, kinds of partnership, the requirements of Incorporation and of Stock Corporation and the requirements for registration of partnership.

After the discussion, they were kind enough and maybe they’ve felt we’ve got hungry after a long discussion they have made. They gave us bun and juice to eat. When we’re done eating, we went down immediately so that the next batch will already have their turn for the lecture. We waited for them as they have waited for us. While waiting, we took the chance to take pictures and have a sleep. Then at around 5:15 we departed Securities and Exchange Commision and go for a side trip at Greenhills.

At the shopping center, I bought the long sleeves and necktie needed by my brother for his prom. We even bought our dinner at KFC considering that there is no KFC at Vigan. We arrived at the hotel at around 7:00 pm; we ate first then Jobelle and Erika washed their clothes for they have nothing to use tomorrow if they won’t then we took a bath. At around 9:00 a food raid and an inspection was made by Ma’am Angela, Ma’am Maan, Sir Lawrence and the JBA officers namely Kuya Dean, Kuya Jumar, Kuya Gyner, Ate April. Some of our classmates like Bernadane, Dianne and Cristal came. Friends from other class Jovelyn and Elaine also came for a visit. After their visits, we then go to bed and rest.

Day 3: February 8, 2012

The day I’ve been waiting for. BSP here I come! We woke up early and really prepared ourselves for this day. We took a bath, ate our breakfast then make things up. We had a long time before departing the hotel so we used it taking pictures in our room. Around 7:30 in the morning we departed the hotel and say hello to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas at 8:30. We waited for a several minutes before entering to the Bangko Sentral Museum, so we took the chance to take pictures with friends and classmates for souvenir. Then finally when we are about to enter the museum they have instructed us put our cameras and cellphones on our bags because it is restricted to take pictures inside the museum. The place is so secured considering that the memorabilia of the Philippine money on the past were all there.

After letting us go and find out what’s inside the museum, they gave a short briefing about the history of Philippine money, evolution of Philippine money, kinds of money in the past and the conquest of other country in the Philippines. They’ve let us watch again the process on how to make bank notes and how to mint coins, again because we already watched it when BSP members came to our school for a lecture. When we already watched it, and they are done on their short briefing, they gave us the chance to go and see what the museum has. I saw the money used on the past and it’s really amazing. This experience is one of the best I ever had; it’s something I could be proud of.

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After viewing all the money, we played the Bispos machine, which comprises of questions related to money in the past. Then time to go out of the museum. It was 10:45 am and so we are instructed to go to Harrison Plaza for lunch. We ate lunch at Jollibee, I am with Jobelle, Laure Jean, Lea, Erika, Leo, Ailon, Mark Jan, Lexter and Meddy. After eating, we decided to go around the place until such time that we could feel the ache on our feet so we bought slippers.

After buying we went back to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and waited for the others to come back. When we’re all at the place we went back to our designated bus for a short rest. Then unfortunately when it’s about time to go to the Department of Finance, my skirt was torn. I was so ashamed; I was only the one who is on my organizational t-shirt. Despite of the thing that have done, I still listened to the lecturer of the Department of Finance.

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